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Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

A high-quality retirement plan can help you attract and retain good employees. Fortunately, the quality of retirement plan offerings has been improving over the years while costs have been falling. But how you design, implement, and manage your plan almost always has the biggest effect on the success of the plan for your organization and your employees.

Additionally, the regulatory environment around these plans is ever changing and increasing over time, making offering this once-simple employee benefit more complex and more time consuming for you, the plan sponsor. Putting together a quality team to support you and your plan is more important than ever and can help put your focus back where it belongs- your business and your customers.

Delaware Avenue Wealth Planners has the experience to help build a world-class retirement plan for your company, whether you are looking to improve a plan you have had in place for years or are looking to install a brand new “start-up” plan for your organization. Contact our Wilmington, DE financial advisors today.

Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

Acting as either a 3(21) co-fiduciary or a 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Manager to your plan, we accept fiduciary status to your plan in the following areas:

  • Creation of a plan IPS (Investment Policy Statement)
  • Investment selection
  • Ongoing investment monitoring
  • Fund replacement
Compliance for Plan Sponsors

Compliance for Plan Sponsors

We can help you build a straight-forward process in support of your obligations as a fiduciary to your plan and to improve your compliance posture.

  • Sponsor education
  • Regular review meetings
  • Documenting fiduciary activities
Participant Education and Financial Wellness

Participant Education and Financial Wellness

Once you have built a world-class retirement plan, help your employees get the most from it. This can not only improve their retirement outcomes but reduce financial stress and improve productivity while they are still working for you. DWP has the resources in-house to offer comprehensive support to your employees in this area both in-person or online. 

  • Group meetings
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Full financial wellness program
  • All participants always have access to their DWP plan advisor
Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection

Knowing how much you are paying the service providers to your plan and exactly what services they are providing for that cost is important. Since the retirement plan space has been getting more competitive DWP can help you compare what you have now (or are looking to start up new) against:

  • Industry benchmarks
  • Competitive alternatives
  • Full RFP/vendor search services
Plan Design

Plan Design

Working with premier TPAs and ERISA attorneys in the area we can have access to a depth of talent that can help you customize and tune your plan to optimize it best fit your organization and your goals.

  • Eligibility/vesting
  • Company match/profit sharing
  • Plan document restatements and updates

If you would like a complementary “second look” at your current plan, or would like to learn more about setting up a plan for your employees, please feel free to contact us, below.

Thank you!